If we give our spiritual and physical power to the Word pedophilia we bring this to life within our own lives and the worldly Familee


If we never learn the Word pedophilia then we would not speak it into living actions. If you know this to be true - then the principle of the Word Jesus the house of Righteousness the Word that shares with all as BRO+HERs as a true living Familee is the cure from this religious sickness.

That's what the man who was titled Jesus was showing us.

We have the choice of using the Words of the Word God - The Creator - Our Father or continuing using this war language build on religion, death and diseases - now ever-growing within the new age language which is build on division to begin with. eg. intention, synergy, unity, united, unconditional, co-creation, global <- all trickwords which will never get us to the Common Truth we share as Familee


Time we give power to the Word that will all bring us to the House of God

Jah Bless - ever filling ever flowing