alone - seeking false lav in pets

alone - seeking false lav in pets

'The American Pet Products Association estimates $60.59 billion will be spent on pets in 2015, up about 25 percent from five years ago. More U.S. households own dogs than any other pet. They tend to be the most expensive domestic animal. Basic annual expenses per dog are expected to reach $1,641.'

children starving

meanwhile people seeking true lav in false replacements for real Familee togetherness

when u travel trough third world countries u start to realize

cat's and dogs are a huge problem, transmit a varieties of diseases and will pack and attack u

in first world countries there are many people who live isolated and alone in a box - seeking lav in pets

*some key Words are phonetically and indigenously written

Before The Flood - New World Governance Propaganda Movie

Before The Flood - New World Governance Propaganda Movie

Before The Flood - New World Governance Propaganda Movie

mixing up some Truth with a great chunk of lies

and famous puppets in 1 movie


This movie gets massive international media attention and is translated into 45 languages in the same hypnotic quality as the original version


Leonardo DiCaprio is a puppet just as well as all the other famous actors in the movie.


They have handlers who operate on every move they make

These occult circles and bloodlines are very real and we should be aware of this and not feeding the same agenda that kills and murders thousands every day


climate change is their newest frontrunner


This is the Truth - don't run away from it




NWO: the Vatican's objective for its climate change agenda & DiCaprio's role

every Word has a real physical and spiritual Principle

every Word has a real physical and spiritual Principle


If we give our spiritual and physical power to the Word pedophilia we bring this to life within our own lives and the worldly Familee


If we never learn the Word pedophilia then we would not speak it into living actions. If you know this to be true - then the principle of the Word Jesus the house of Righteousness the Word that shares with all as BRO+HERs as a true living Familee is the cure from this religious sickness.

That's what the man who was titled Jesus was showing us.

We have the choice of using the Words of the Word God - The Creator - Our Father or continuing using this war language build on religion, death and diseases - now ever-growing within the new age language which is build on division to begin with. eg. intention, synergy, unity, united, unconditional, co-creation, global <- all trickwords which will never get us to the Common Truth we share as Familee


Time we give power to the Word that will all bring us to the House of God

Jah Bless - ever filling ever flowing

BRO+HER not fried end

BRO+HER not fried end

BRO+HER is a non gender Word

Why to be called BRO+HER and not a sister for the female: The Gospel of Thomas tells us on the last page: 'Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life.' Jesus said,

'Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.'

The feminine principle is drawn to the flesh, the masculine principle is to the spiritual.

Both principles live within both genders. Calling a female BRO+HER, supports her to overcome her emotional nature and desires. BRO + HER has both genders within. The word BRO+HER frees women from the bad program that we are exposed to in this system and brings us to a common level of truth, the soul level. A lot of Words are wrong, like sister (assisting, servant), woman (original Word creation for the roman pope = the woman of Jerusalem).

Words are powerful and we have to learn, how to use them properly and decode them, to get the true phonetic saying and full Power of the Word.

Everything is Word and that has to bring the true picture to work - the Kingdom of God - through its full power and knowing of how it works. Lav and lite Bro+her K

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