Through positive People Power in Critical Mass we can re-direct the realitee of war and povertee towards true Universal Freedom that equallee shares with all

Taking a closer look where the Words we use actuallee come from - allows us to see which Words are here to share with the living Familee we are and which wons are inherentlee made to divide and conquer Probablee won of the hottest Words if not the hottest subject to talk about is not this newage-, gender- or race-terminology it is the Word Jesus - Jesus NOT christianitee Jesus is a title Word not until he returned to the river where John The Baptist baptized him and titled him the Word Jesus and provided some of his first followings did the Principle of the Word Jesus be trulee lived in living Miracles

The principle of the Word Jesus allows won to live in these Principles of Righteousness etc. keeping a Diligent Focus on a Pro-Active Language and Actions of Freedom

Reawakening The Knowing of an Earthlee Familee

*some key Words are phonetically and indigenously written